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Hoxsie - 10 Julio 12:16

Is it really necessary to say people who identify as men/women instead of men/women? If you identify as a man, you are a man. Same for a woman. I get that it's trying to be inclusive of trans people, but I feel that it would be better to simply call them what they are: men and women.

Georgine - 15 Octubre 10:45

If I didn't give verbal consent, was drunk (he wasn't and was also mentally unwell (he didn't know). Yet willingly followed him (allbeit not realising he wanted sex). But at no point said no and went along with it because I felt I had to. would that mean no consent. Because the thing is I know for me that I didn't consent, but my following him, not saying no, and his lack of knowledge of my mental health surely means that although I didn't consent he assumed I had?

Mckinley - 8 Junio 12:53

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